IMS系统 IMS System

人类 VS 算法交易 Human VS Algorithmic Trading

算法交易: Algorithmic Trading:

人工智慧- 超越人类的脑力速度精准地分析市场数据快速的核对策略 Artificial Intelligence - Algorithms can scan and execute on multiple indicators at a speed that no human could do which in result creates more opportunities at better prices.

人类: Human:

脑力速度有限 There is only so much a human brain power can do in terms of speed.

算法交易: Algorithmic Trading:

信号交易指令可同时执行多个指标 Algorithmic trading focuses solely on the execution of the strategy that the trader has set in place.

人类: Human:

被个人情绪影响 Humans trading are susceptible to emotions that lead to irrational decisions.

算法交易: Algorithmic Trading:

利用大量历史高频交易数据回测将交易成功概率最大化 You can backtest your strategies by running the algorithms based on past data which will help traders to maximise their probability of success.

人类: Human:

难以准确的分析历史交易系统数据 It can be tough for traders to test how effective their trading system works as they can't run their system on past data.

最新交易趋势:算法交易 (Algorithmic Trading) New Trends in Algorithmic Trading

1,运用人工智慧及自动化电脑程式,根据指定市场的技术资料和预设的算法,进行自动化的投资与买卖行为。 Algorithmic trading is the process of using high-speed computers programmed to follow a defined set of instructions for the opening and closing of trades, all based on strategies the human trader has programmed.

2,算法交易程序自动生成核对所有与预设的市场策略的相关的机会和执行指令,自动由电脑操作买卖行为。 The software can automatically alert traders whenever trading opportunities that fit into the

算法交易的特点 Characteristics of Algorithmic Trading

自动审核并优化市场策略 Review performance of previous trades, how its planned out and ways to improve on the strategies

利用历史交易数据回溯测试,将交易成功率最大化 Backtest strategies by running the algorithms based on past data which help traders to maximise their probability of success

无人为失误的情况下精准地执行所有指令 Has the ability to perform trading operation with no human error

大幅减少交易时间从而降低了交易成本 The dramatic time reduction for trading lowers transaction costs because of the saved opportunity cost of constantly monitoring the markets

独有的算法交易系统 — IMS Unique Algorithmic Trading System - IMS

通过IB Markets的IMS系统,可轻易使用算法交易进行大宗商品的买卖投资。IMS系统是一个为您量身打造的算法交易系统。 Through IB Markets’ IMS System, you can easily use algorithmic trading to trade and invest in commodities. IMS System is an algorithmic trading system tailored just for you.

IMS系统应用程序专为苹果和安卓设备设计和构建 IMS system applications are designed and built for Apple and Android devices

为您提供最佳的交易体验 Provide the best trading experience for you

24小时无间断运作 24-hours uninterrupted operation

拥有独特的智能交易系统(Expert Advisors) Expert Advisors

IMS系统核心优势 Core Advantages of IMS System

24小时服务 24-hours service

我们竭力协助解决您可能遇到的相关问题,我们卓越的服务加上对金融科技市场的了解,让参与者充满信心的进入市场。 We strive to help you solve the problems you may encounter. Our excellent service and knowledge of the financial technology market enable participants to enter the market with confidence.

优越的风险管理 Superior risk management

IMS 风险管理系统帮助您有效管理交易风险,帮助确保潜在利润并最大限度地减少亏损。 The IMS Risk Management System helps you manage trading risk effectively and to ensure potential profits and minimizing losses.