关于我们 About Us

关于我们 About Us

INTEGRATED BROKERS MARKETS (IB Markets) 是一家澳大利亚受监管的金融科技公司,成立于2018年。IB Markets 是由一支拥有多年经验的资深管理团队所创立。该公司总部位于澳大利亚墨尔本。 INTEGRATED BROKERS MARKETS (IB Markets) is an Australian regulated financial trading company, founded by a senior management team with years of experience in 2018. Our company is headquartered in Melbourne.

IB Markets 是集信息流和大数据分析于一体的金融科技公司,致力于提供所有投资者一个平等的算法交易系统。最优越的交易基础设施及教育资源让所有投资者都能加入。进而提 升黄金供给结构对需求变化的适应性和灵活性。努力推动发展成为最具影响力的国际金融科技公司。 IB Markets is a financial technology company that combines information flow and big data analytic. It is committed to providing an equal algorithmic trading system and the most superior trading infrastructure and educational resources to all investors.In turn, it will further enhance the adaptability and flexibility of the gold supply structure to demand changes. Furthermore, it has strive to promote development into the most influential international financial technology company.

我们的价值 Our Values

最优质的客户服务 Excellent Customer Service

具有创新和灵活性 Innovative and flexible

提供最高标准的监管和合规性 Provide highest standards of regulation and compliance

促进整个行业的诚信和道德 Promote integrity and ethics in the industry

行为责任 Act responsibly

现在就开始 Start Now

为何选择我们? Why Choose Us?

IB Markets 已成为金融领域的主要参与者,拥有良好的客户满意度记录。我们的主要责任是为所有交易者提供优越的服务。 IB Markets has established itself as a major player in the online financial industry, with a proven track record of positive customer satisfaction.
Our key responsibility is to offer top notch services to all of our traders.

资金监管严格 Strict supervision of funds

IB MARKETS 提供最高标准的监管和合规性。致力于为所有客户提供透明,安全的算法交易系统。以强大的监管和合规文化为荣,客户资金的安全性至关重要。受澳大利亚证券与投资委员会(ASIC)全面监管,拥有澳大利亚AFS监管牌。 IB MARKETS provides the highest standards of regulation and compliance which committed to providing transparent, secure algorithmic trading systems to all customers. We pride ourselves on a strong regulatory and compliance culture, and the safety of our clients' funds is paramount. Besides that, it has an Australian AFS regulatory license under the supervision of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

INTEGRATED BROKERS Pty Ltd (ASIC许可证号:631653453) INTEGRATED BROKERS Pty Ltd (ASIC License No:631653453)

INTEGRATED BROKERS Pty Ltd (AFS许可证号:001274171) INTEGRATED BROKERS Pty Ltd (AFS Licensee:001274171)

资金托管 Fund Management

客户的资金存放在AA级澳大利亚西太平洋银行(Westpac)以及AA级澳大利亚国家银行(NAB)的完全隔离账户。西太平洋银行是澳大利亚第一家银行,成立于1817年,拥有悠久的历史,并且一直跻身全球最安全的50家银行之一。澳大利亚国家银行(NAB)一直跻身全球最安全的20家银行之一。根据澳大利亚政府担保,所有澳大利亚国家银行的存款都受到保护,这可以提高您资金的整体安全性。客户的资金将会被存放在公司完全隔离的账户,这些资金不在资产负债表内,在极少数情况下公司违约时不能用于偿还债权人。 The client’s funds are fully deposited in a segregated account of the AA-rated West Pacific Bank (Westpac) of Australia and AA rated National Bank of Australia (NAB). Western Pacific Bank is the first bank in Australia. It was founded in 1817 and has consistently ranked as the 50 safest banks in the world. According to the Australian government guarantee.The Australian National Bank (NAB) has been one of the 20 safest banks in the world. All the deposits of the Australian National Bank are protected, which can improve the overall security of your funds. Client funds will be deposited in fully segregated accounts of the company, which are not on the balance sheet and cannot be used to repay creditors in rare cases when the company defaults.

保障您的资金安全 Guarantee your financial security

在线交易者最关心的问题之一是通过互联网交易大量资金的安全性。客户资金的安全性是公司价值观的基石,并且不遗余力地维护客户资金的安全性和我们交易系统的完整性。 One of the primary concerns of online traders is the safety of trading large amounts of money over the Internet. The security of customer funds is the bedrock of the company’s values and no effort is spared in maintaining the security of customer funds and the integrity of our trading system.

250多种交易产品,包括大宗商品、外汇、加密货币和股票 More than 250 trading products, including commodities, foreign exchanges, cryptocurrencies and stocks

使用MetaTrader 4进行桌面,平板电脑,移动和网络交易 Desktop, tablet, mobile and web-based trading with MetaTrader 4 

全方位的自动化算法交易系统和EA兼容性 A full-fledged automated trading system and wide range of EA compatibility

保障客户资金安全性 (隔离账户) Client funds are held in segregated accounts for increased security

最高标准的监管和合规性 Highest standards of regulation and compliance